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Tuesday 10 – IAMM3Z – Topic Spill

KiabloI’m honored to announce that Notes from a Southern Kitchen has featured me on their blog this week: Tuesday 10 – IAMM3Z – Topic Spill. Please head over to Notes from a Southern Kitchen and help me show my appreciate by supporting their blog.

Some folks in the blog world like to remain anonymous, it’s a prerogative and one of the beauties of blogging.  This week’sTuesday 10 featured blogger is one such person, I love her writing and think her blog is inspired by a good place in her heart.

IAMM3Z’s blog Topic Spill is just what it says, a combination of multiple ideas and thoughts all spilling out on the keyboard for a fun read.  Anything from DIY, Food, Humor, Reviews and a Healthy Dose of Soapbox.  Check out this blog, for opinions and the thoughts of someone who is comfortable enough in their own skin to share the good, the bad and the inspired.

One of the things I appreciate about this blog is the struggle and challenges that the writer has grown through.  While we have diametrically opposed thoughts on some of the key issues of the day, I respect her well thought out reasoning for her beliefs.  For me, one of the great qualities of blogging is the ability to make the reader think, this writer does that often with compassion, gentility and measured thought.

IAMM3Z thanks for taking part in the Tuesday 10 and for your continued efforts on Topic Spill!

You will have to head over to their blog Tuesday 10 – IAMM3Z – Topic Spill to find out 10 things I’m certain you don’t know about me, Kiablo AKA IAMM3Z. A special thanks to Notes from a Southern Kitchen for featuring me on their blog and being a loyal follower of Topic Spill. I appreciate your support.

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  1. barbarafranken

    Oh lovely… a big pat on your back… take care, Barbara


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