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Tried It Thursday| The Buffalo Chicken Wreath From Pinterest

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Happy Thursday everyone! Welcome to this week’s edition of “Tried It Thursday”. I always find things on the internet that I want to try. Sometimes I actually do the project or idea. Often times I wonder if the directions were a lie and if I’m only destined for failure. In this blog I will show you things I found and if they can be done according to the directions. I’m sure I will fail from time to time but I hope to have more successes than failures.

The Original “Buffalo Chicken Wreath”

Buffalo Chicken Wreath

Difficulty level: Easy
Time Spent: 1 hour
Direction Accuracy: 6 out of 6
Re-directional Source Data: Quick Dish
Original Source: Pinterest
Outcome: Success

Where I Went Wrong: NA 

Where The Directions Went Wrong: NA

My “Buffalo Chicken Wreath”:

Buffalo Chicken Wreath FINAL

I decided to go with half plain chicken salad and half buffalo chicken salad. I was in a time crunch so I used Kroger Deli’s chicken salad. It was my first time trying their chicken salad and it was equally as enjoyable as homemade.

Recently I’ve tried many recipes a few were good but this one wowed me. It was very easy to make but it tasted like a delicacy. I’ve never had anything like it. It’s essentially a sandwich without all the boredom.

This recipe is extremely versatile. You don’t have to stuff the crescents with buffalo chicken salad. You can fill this with anything, even something sweet like apple pie filling.

What I like most about the Buffalo Chicken Wreath is the presentation. I served the Buffalo Chicken Wreath to my guest at my MONOPOLY Unleashed House Party and it was a major success. I’ve cooked for these guests many times but this time felt like the first time I’ve wowed them.

Diablo has thanked me continuously for a well planned party but I think the Buffalo Chicken Wreath was what made it such a success. Well that and the awesome pie I’m going to tell you about tomorrow!

Quick Tip: When you lay out the rolls, bake them alone for a few minutes. Sometimes it is hard for the inside of the rolls to bake with the wet chicken on it, so this will make sure it is cooked all the way through.

I hope you enjoyed this edition of Tried It Thursday. If you try the Buffalo Chicken Wreath please leave me a comment and let me know if you were successful. I’d love to see some of your all’s pictures of your Buffalo Chicken Wreath so please post a link to your image in my comments. If you would like me to try one of your pins, tutorials, or other DIY projects you can contact me by using my contact form.


  1. Kendall

    I have made this before and it is awesome! I use my Pampered Chef stone to cook it on.

  2. Anonymous

    It was delicious ! 🙂

  3. producthoochie

    Thinking I need to make this!

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