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Tried It Thursday| Magic Easter Eggs

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Happy Thursday everyone! Welcome to this week’s edition of “Tried It Thursday”. I always find things on the internet that I want to try. Sometimes I actually do the project or idea. Often times I wonder if the directions were a lie and if I’m only destined for failure. In this blog I will show you things I found and if they can be done according to the directions. I’m sure I will fail from time to time but I hope to have more successes than failures.

Magic Balloon Treats Pin


Difficulty level: Moderate
Time Spent: Too long! 2 hours to make 24-48 hours to dry
Direction Accuracy: 4 out 5
Pin’s Re-directional Source:
Original Source:
Outcome: Success & Fail

Where I Went Wrong: See my Magic Easter Eggs Fail Blog 

Where The Directions Went Wrong: The directions state to use yarn, DON’T!

My Image:

Magic Easter Eggs Pin2

I can honestly say I will never make Magic Easter Eggs again. In my opinion the final product isn’t worth the headache. I listed some pro tips below that will help you successfully make Magic Easter Eggs but most important don’t use yarn and use water balloons. I tried mine with both water balloons and regular birthday balloons. The birthday balloons hold more candy but they don’t retain air as well once the yarn or twine is wrapped around it. You will end up with a big mess that looks nothing like an egg. The yarn is also too heavy to be used and only aids in pushing the air out of the balloon. The yarn eggs took 48 hours to dry and by the time they dried the weight of the yarn made it so that the eggs almost completely lost their shape. The twine eggs dried overnight and in every circumstance retained their oblong egg shape. The twine dries with a nice smooth finish whereas the yarn dries almost crystallized and it doesn’t look professional. You can see more side by side comparisons on my Magic Easter Eggs Fail Blog

Pro Tips:

  • Use water balloons not regular balloons.
  • Use twine not yarn.
  • Pre cut 20-24 inch strips of twine. (Cutting it with sticky hands is difficult)
  • Do not coat the balloon in glue before applying the twine.
  • Don’t tie the twine to the top of the balloon.
  • Wrapping the twine vertically gives a more oblong egg shaped when it dries.
  • Let dry overnight.
  • Rotate them every few hours while drying.
  • Smaller candy might work better.

I hope you enjoyed this edition of Tried It Thursday. If you try to make these Magic Easter Eggs please leave me a comment and let me know if you were successful. I’d love to see some of your all’s pictures of your Magic Easter Eggs so please post a link to your image in my comments. If you would like me to try one of your pins, tutorials, or other DIY projects you can contact me by using my contact form.

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  1. linettefm (Post author)

    Good to know because I wondered about this project and it seems more work than it’s worth. The eggs look great but I appreciate the share because not sure I want to do this project this year. Maybe next Easter 🙂 . Enjoy your weekend and Happy Easter!

    1. IAMM3Z (Post author)

      The ones that turned out do look really nice but the mess and the effort aren’t worth it in my opinion. Thank you and a Happy Easter to you and yours as well!

  2. mmmarzipan (Post author)

    Really good to know this! Thanks for the review and the tips 🙂 Hope you have a great Easter weekend xx

    1. IAMM3Z (Post author)

      You’re most welcome! I hope you have a happy Easter weekend as well.


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