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Tried It Thursday| Kids DIY Crayon And Sandpaper T-Shirt Project

Tried It Thursday DIY Crayon T Shirt2Happy Thursday everyone! Welcome to the third edition of ”Tried It Thursday“. I always find things on the internet that I want to try. Sometimes I actually do the project or idea. Often times I wonder if the directions were a lie and if I’m only destined for failure. In this blog I will show you things I found and if they can be done according to the directions. I’m sure I will fail from time to time but I hope to have more successes than failures.

This week I tried the Sandpaper Printed T-Shirt. The original pin on Pinterest was titled 10+ Rainy Day Activities for the Kids (most using common household materials). For this activity I had everything but the sandpaper. I used cheap dollar store sandpaper.

Difficulty level: Easy
Time Spent: Approx 30 minutes
Direction Accuracy: 9 out of 9
Re-directional Source Data: Baby Coupons & Stuff
Original Source: Alpha Mom
Outcome: Success

Where I Went Wrong:

  • NA

Where The Directions Went Wrong:

  • NA

Original Image: 


Quick Tip: 

Remember that your image will be reversed! If you are doing lettering make sure you do it backwards. Also unless your children are older I don’t suggest letting them do the ironing.

Miablo and I enjoyed making this Crayon And Sandpaper T-Shirt. It was much easier than stenciling.  I’m going to try to do this the next time I do a character shirt for the baby instead of stenciling. Stenciling is very time consuming and using Crayon And Sandpaper gives it a more childish essence. I’m curious how it will look when an adult does the drawing or if it would turn out differently if I use pastels. I’m going to keep experimenting with this one and let you know what I find out. Miablo really enjoyed being able to wear a piece of her own art. It was much easier for her than the stenciling projects we previously worked on together. I feel like she enjoyed this one more because it was easier skill level wise.

I hope you enjoyed my third edition of Tried It Thursday. If you try this recipe please leave me a comment and let me know if you were successful. I’d love to see some of your all’s pictures of this  Crayon And Sandpaper T-Shirt so please post a link to your image in my comments. If you would like me to try one of your pins, tutorials, or other DIY projects you can contact me by using my contact form.

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