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Topic Spill’s Father’s Day Gift Guide

Instead of Trendy or Try Hard I wanted to get a jump start on helping you shop for Father’s Day. This week blog will feature items currently available at Target and that are perfect for men. This year Father’s Day is Sunday, June 16, 2013.

The first collection of items can help you get an idea. Instead of going with the standard “World’s Best Dad” coffee cup get him stainless steel cocktail glasses. Or if he’s an outdoors man get him a stainless steel thermos. Dad may also like a new book or set of his favorite collectible glasses. If he’s not in to Star Trek find him a set of glasses that match his interest. Last but not least is the Father’s Day novelty gear. When in doubt you can’t go wrong with Father’s Day novelty boxers or T-Shirts. They are sure to make Dad chuckle on his special day.

Stainless Steel Cocktail Glasses – Set of 2 $14.89
Mud, Sweat, and Tears: The Autobiography by Bear Grylls (Hardcover) $17.80
Star Trek 4-Piece Pint Glass Set with Kirk, Spock, McCoy and Scotty Tumblers 16 oz. $19.99
Men’s Simpsons Boxer – Blue $3.48
Men’s Tee Father’s Day DAD 1 – Royal $9.99
Men’s Fathers Day Graphic Tee Collection $12.99

If you have younger children and are looking for a more sentimental approach you may like one of these kits. Each kit allows you to make various homemade keepsakes. Don’t let Dad fool you, like Mom, he has a sentimental side. Don’t feel weird offering Dad a sentimental present. He cherishes his children equally as much as Mom and these keepsakes are a timeless classic.

Pearhead Pink Canvas Handprint Set Pink $20.89
Pearhead Blue Canvas Handprint Set Blue $13.69
Pearhead White Babyprints Photo Frame $19.99
Pearhead Mahogany Babyprints Desktop Frame Mahogany $21.29
Pearhead White Modern Babyprints Frame $21.39
Baby Hands Keepsake with Ribbon $10.49

QUICK TIP: You can use my salt dough recipe to make your own hand print moldings if you prefer the DIY version instead of the store bought version. Or if you have large kids the DIY version is cheaper than the store bought versions. Simply modify my Homemade Salt Dough Recipe directions to make your hand or foot molds.

Disclaimer: I’m not a representative of Target nor have I been contacted by Target to share these images. I’m a Target shopper and a fan. Original images are owned by Target and used under fair use. I don’t guarantee price or availability. 

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