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Mom Blog|Toddlers, Naps, and The Beach “Oh My”

George Takei's book, Oh Myyy! (There Goes The Internet)When vacationing your toddler doesn’t understand that it’s a vacation and you want to pack as much fun as possible into your time on the beach. She still needs to follow her sleep routine as closely as possible. But how do you enjoy your time while your toddler is snoozing? You pick up a copy of George Takei’s book, Oh Myyy! (There Goes The Internet).

Me and idle time don’t frequently get along. It’s hard for me to just stop and enjoy doing nothing. I found it refreshing to sit on the balcony, listen the sounds of the ocean, and read a book. It’s not my usual way to pass time but I enjoyed the slower pace.

George Takei’s book, Oh Myyy! (There Goes The Internet) is fast read. Before I knew it I was half way through the book. I like how he uses humor to tell his storis; his ability to inject humor in to a story makes me envious. I’ve never had a knack for inserting humor into a story. If I could program myself to be funny I’d totally download the George Takei humor pack.

I’ve been back home from our vacation for almost a month now and I’ve already forgot to sit back and relax. Normally when Emiliablo naps I use my time to write my blogs. It’s nearly impossible to write a blog with a two year old running around. It doesn’t matter what I’m doing she will come up to me and say, “Baby’s turn, baby do it!”

I need to commit to taking time to sit down and read. I’ve started two books recently and I’ve not finished either! Perhaps once I get done sharing the last of my beach stories I will spend some down time finishing my books. If I go MIA it probably means I’ve kept my commitment to finish at least one of the two books!


  1. Lauraslittlethings

    Hi there, i so related to what you are saying about taking the time to relax and read a book. I used to loved books and i used to read a lot of them until my son arrived and i started my blog. I use the time when he naps on fridays to write my blogs as you and the rest of the week i am at work. in the evening a few things here and there and i end up in bed tired and with no time left… I should get my act back together and finish George Orwell’s ‘Down and out in paris and london’ 🙂

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