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Target Dinnerware Collection| Trendy or Try Hard?

Welcome to this week’s edition of Trendy or Try Hard. Normally I post a clothing collection from products currently available at Target however, this week I’ve decided to do a dinnerware collection. I was looking for men’s clothing on Target’s website when I stumbled on these beauties. I typically post collections that I find trendy but this dinnerware collection has to win the try hard of the year award. What do you think? I’d like you to rate my collection either TRENDY or TRY HARD. Once you’ve submitted your vote please leave me a comment to tell why you chose your rating.

Without further ado I present you Target’s TOO by Blu Dot Duct Tape Collection. At first I thought I was seeing things but it turns out this collection is seriously for sale at Target. I wouldn’t say it’s expensive but it’s over priced in my opinion. I’m not sure what crowd Target or Blu Dot are attempting to market to; maybe a bachelor mechanic or laborer? Or maybe even the elusive hipster? Who knows but I don’t envision anyone buying this for anything more than a novelty. But to that person I say, “Hold up! Wait a minute! Before you buy Target’s TOO by Blu Dot Duct Tape Collection let me present you with a cost saving DIY.”

Let’s break down the Target’s TOO by Blu Dot Duct Tape Collection first.

duct tape collage 1

Get the look:

TOO by Blu Dot Fix Dinner Plate Set of 4 $16.99
TOO by Blu Dot Fix Salad Plate Set of 4 $14.99
TOO by Blu Dot Fix Bowl Set of 4 $14.99

Total: $46.97

So for $50 you can own Target’s TOO by Blu Dot Duct Tape Collection. Now let’s take a look at a very simple DIY. All you need is a roll of duct tape and some plane white dinnerware. All you have to do is apply the duct tape exactly how it is in Target’s TOO by Blu Dot Duct Tape Collection! And voila! You’ve saved $29.20. You could save yourself even more by avoiding this look all together but just in case you need it here’s how you can get the look for less:

duct tape collage 2

Get the look:

Royal Norfolk Classic White Round Stoneware Plates, 10½” $1 x4 = $4
Royal Norfolk Classic White Round Stoneware Side Plates, 7½” $1 x4 = $4
Royal Norfolk Classic White Round Stoneware Bowls, 7½” $1 x4 = $4
Duck Brand Professional Grade Duct Tape, 55 yds, Silver $5.77

Total: $17.77

I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s edition of Trendy or Try Hard?

Disclaimer: I’m not a representative of Target, Walmart or The Dollar Tree nor have I been contacted by the respective companies to share these images. Original images are owned by by the respective companies and used under fair use.


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  4. Col

    I hope you are kidding about the DIY duct tape plates. I love these plates, trendy okay, but great for everyday use.

    1. IAMM3Z

      😀 Yes, completely satirical. They aren’t practical at all! I wouldn’t even really consider them trendy.

      1. Col

        What is not practical about a plate?

        1. IAMM3Z

          I was referring to the satirical DIY post I made. Putting duct tape on your plates to get the same plates cheaper would not be practical.


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