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Quick Tip – Teething Relief For Babies. (No meds!)

Step 1: Take a baby washcloth and roll it up. Step 2: Saturate it in water. Step 3: Put it in a ziploc bag. Step 4: Freeze **WARNING** Remove washcloth from bag before giving to your child! DO NOT ALLOW…
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Quick Tip – How To Brew Coffee Without a Coffee Maker

I recently wrote a blog called, “How To Use A K-Cup Without A Keurig; Homemade Teabag¬†Style”:¬† What I didn’t tell you was you can use this method for any ground coffee. If you don’t have a coffee maker try out…
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WARNING! What I Know About Your Family From Your Car.

Today’s word of the day is, “predator”. It truly amazes me that in today’s society so many people take that word for granted. How often to you see an Amber Alert? How many stories are on the news about missing…
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