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Mom Blog|Toddlers, Naps, and The Beach “Oh My”

George Takei's book, Oh Myyy! (There Goes The Internet)

When vacationing your toddler doesn’t understand that it’s a vacation and you want to pack as much fun as possible into your time on the beach. She still needs to follow her sleep routine as closely as possible. But how…
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Quick Tips| How To Brush a Finicky Toddlers Hair

Yo Gabba Gabba Foofa Hair Brush

If your toddler is giving you hell when it’s time to brush their hair than try this cheap and easy way to get them excited about brushing their hair. Just buy a cheap paddle hairbrush and draw their favorite character…
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Mom Blog| My Daughter Hates My Singing Voice

Topic Spill DIY Sleepy Owl Avatar Logo

It’s no secret; I’m never going to have a breakout career in singing. Even though in one of my vivid dreams NBC’s The Voice reached out to me and asked me to star on their next season it would never…
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Parenting| DIY Art Idea For Toddlers| Masking Tape Painting

Painting With Masking Tape

If your child is old enough to hold a paintbrush they are old enough for this art project. Step 1: Apply masking tape to a canvas. You can use any pattern you want. Step 2: Let your child paint over…
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