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Quick Tip| Teaching Your Toddler Their ABC’s

ABC Tree

Quick Tip: Turn the ABC song into a nursery rhyme and sing it to your infant as part of your bedtime routine. When Emiliablo was a baby Diablo did something wonderful. As part of her bedtime routine he started singing…
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Mom Blog| The Mommy Sandwich Recipe

The Mommy Sandwhich

The Mommy Sandwich is my realization that I need to pick my battles when raising our toddler.

Quick Tips| How To Brush a Finicky Toddlers Hair

Yo Gabba Gabba Foofa Hair Brush

If your toddler is giving you hell when it’s time to brush their hair than try this cheap and easy way to get them excited about brushing their hair. Just buy a cheap paddle hairbrush and draw their favorite character…
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Mom Blog| An Invasion In Barbie Land

Topic Spill DIY Sleepy Owl Avatar Logo

It was a rainy summer night and Kiablo, Diablo, Miablo, and Emiliablo were all quietly enjoying Star Trek on the television when all of a sudden they heard something rustling in the bushes outside. Diablo, being the strong alpha male…
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