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Ander Blake Acrylic Paint Set Review

Acrylic Paint Set

Ander Blake Company invited me to review their Acrylic Paint Set. This acrylic paint set includes 12 .4 U.S.FL.OZ tubes of paint. Here’s a color wheel of the color’s included in this paint set.   My family loves doing art projects…
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Quick Tip| DIY Failures “Stenciling Don’ts”

DIY Stenciling Tempera Paint Scottie Dog

I decided to try a new paint and stenciling method over the weekend. It’s really disappointing when hours of work on a project are all for not. I don’t have a beautiful new DIY project to share with you but…
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Parenting| DIY Art Idea For Toddlers| Masking Tape Painting

Painting With Masking Tape

If your child is old enough to hold a paintbrush they are old enough for this art project. Step 1: Apply masking tape to a canvas. You can use any pattern you want. Step 2: Let your child paint over…
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DIY Tutorial | Freezer Paper Fabric Stenciling | A Quick 10 Step Guide

Welcome to Topic Spill’s DIY Tutorial on freezer paper fabric stenciling! This is a quick 10 step guide to stenciling so I will be short and sweet. If you have any questions about how to create your own stencils please…
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