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Review| Sentey Flow Headphones

Sentey Flow Headphones

Sentey invited me to participate in their Power User program; as a Power User they sent me a pair of their Flow headphones to test in exchange for a review. For the current retail value of $14.99 you are getting a steal if you…
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Mom Blog| What’s In Your Toddler Toolbox?

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Last week I shared a quick tip with you that featured one item in my Toddler Toolbox. This got me wondering what other Moms have in their Toddler Toolbox. I keep several things but I feel like my toolbox is…
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ART| BY IAMM3Z | Portrait Of A Friend

March 29, 2002 a dear friend of mine passed away. I remember the day as if it were just yesterday, I doubt that will ever fade. The devastation, desperation, and despair were nearly unbearable. I was much younger and believed in the supernatural. I felt…
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Topic Spill| Recap 2012 With Rewind Youtube Style

I’m sure most of you have already seen this video but just in case you haven’t I decided to share it here. I doubt I’ve mentioned it before but youngest daughter’s first favorite song was Gangnam Style. Watching her reaction…
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