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Homemade Christmas Ornaments Recipe| Salt Dough Recipe

Salt Dough Ornaments

Happy holidays everyone! This season I’m going to try to put up several holiday themed blogs. The first topic will be how to make homemade ornaments. This method is a salt dough recipe. Part One| Making the Dough Ingredients: 1…
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Quick Tip – Homemade Oatmeal bath; 1 minute prep time.

I’m not one of those moms who keeps the Aveeno oatmeal bath around the house. It’s just not in my price range to keep around when I never know when or if I will need it. If you’re like me…
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How To Use A K-Cup Without A Keurig; Homemade Teabag Style

I was recently mailed some free samples of coffee. This is normally good news but I’ve yet to join the Keurig craze. I hate throwing away anything practical and to be honest was out of coffee. I was nearly desperate…
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Halloween Treat From Topic Spill – DIY Queen Ravenna’s Crown

Queen Ravenna’s Crown

Happy Halloween everyone! Today I wanted to treat you all with my very first DIY blog. Yipee! My youngest daughter was born on 10/30/2011, so this year we decided to have a costume party for her. I’m sure this is…
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