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Moral Victory

This blog is an account of my victory in a family court proceeding.

Mom Blog| If I Had a Son

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This is my response to Mrs. Hall’s seemingly well intended letter that’s failed to teach her sons a valuable lesson on personal accountability. I hope that she just forgot to cover that aspect in her letter but the way she…
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Mom Blog| An Invasion In Barbie Land

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It was a rainy summer night and Kiablo, Diablo, Miablo, and Emiliablo were all quietly enjoying Star Trek on the television when all of a sudden they heard something rustling in the bushes outside. Diablo, being the strong alpha male…
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Mom Blog| Mister Bear, My Totem, and My Mother| Surviving Domestic Violence


When I lay down for bed at night my mind is constantly reflecting. Often times my past, present, and future intersect as I enter in to a dream state and I’m able to think more philosophically about my life. It…
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