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Target Dinnerware Collection| Trendy or Try Hard?

Topic Spill DIY Sleepy Owl Avatar Logo

Welcome to this week’s edition of Trendy or Try Hard. Normally I post a clothing collection from products currently available at Target however, this week I’ve decided to do a dinnerware collection. I was looking for men’s clothing on Target’s website…
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DIY| Kid Friendly| NO BURN| Rolled and Knotted Forever Flowers

Forever Flower Headband

Needed Supplies for Topic Spill’s NO BURN, Kid Friendly, Rolled and Knotted Forever Flowers: -Washed fabric -Hot Glue -Hot Glue Gun -Standard Duct Tape -Decorative Duct Tape (I use gold.) -Large Clips (Storage bag clips, large paper clips, hair clips, clothes…
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Halloween Treat From Topic Spill – DIY Queen Ravenna’s Crown

Queen Ravenna’s Crown

Happy Halloween everyone! Today I wanted to treat you all with my very first DIY blog. Yipee! My youngest daughter was born on 10/30/2011, so this year we decided to have a costume party for her. I’m sure this is…
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