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Mom Blog| Raising Two Skeptics During Christmas

A personal blog about how and why two atheists are teaching their children to use critical thinking skills during Christmas. In this blog I detail how raising your children to believe in Santa Claus hinders their personal development.

Atheism|Diablo’s Testimonial “The Path To My Realization”

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I was raised in a Christian environment my whole life & became a Christian at the age of 15. Fast forward to age 22. At that age, I became a very devoted Christian. I was reading my bible every day…
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Why Do Atheists Celebrate “Easter” And What Do They Teach Their Children?

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This is yours truly one Easter.  The tear was because I absolutely hated this ridiculous outfit and sincerely didn’t want to wear it. I suppose to really understand the question about why atheists celebrate any holiday you would first have…
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