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DIY Tutorial | Freezer Paper Fabric Stenciling | “A Beginners Guide To Stenciling”

Welcome to Topic Spill’s DIY Tutorial on freezer paper fabric stenciling! This is a beginner’s guide to stenciling so I will be descriptive and thorough. If you have any questions about how to create your own stencils please leave me a note…
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Topic Spill’s Flash Back Friday | DIY Stenciled Pregnant Skeleton Halloween Costume

This picture was taken hours before I attended a Halloween Party on 10/29/11. If you don’t know me in real life than you probably don’t know the significance of this party. I have this friend you see.. for the sake of this…
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Follow Up Blog| DIY Marbled Easter Eggs| The directions are aren’t a LIE!

Marbled Eggs DIY

If you haven’t already you should really check out my original blog on this subject: Fail Blog| DIY Marbled Easter Eggs| The directions are a LIE!. After thinking about how the original blogger spread misinformation about how to properly do this DIY…
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DIY| Handmade Sweetheart Valentine’s Day Cards

My 8 year old daughter decided she wanted to hand make her Valentines for her classroom party this year. We decided to base our design off of the classic Necco Sweethearts. We hope you enjoy this simple DIY project. My daughter and…
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