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Parenting| DIY Art Idea For Toddlers| Masking Tape Painting

Painting With Masking Tape

If your child is old enough to hold a paintbrush they are old enough for this art project. Step 1: Apply masking tape to a canvas. You can use any pattern you want. Step 2: Let your child paint over…
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Flash Back Friday| Self Portrait “Revolving Eyes” Circa 2005ish

Topic Spill DIY Sleepy Owl Avatar Logo

This is “Revolving Eyes” and probably my favorite self portrait. This is just a simple pencil sketch but I just love the symbolism of the eyes. The eyes are supposed to look like revolving doors. I like how they still…
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ART| BY IAMM3Z | Portrait Of A Friend

March 29, 2002 a dear friend of mine passed away. I remember the day as if it were just yesterday, I doubt that will ever fade. The devastation, desperation, and despair were nearly unbearable. I was much younger and believed in the supernatural. I felt…
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ART| By IAMM3Z | Sailing

I’ve decided to start sharing some of my art and poetry with you all. I’m a bit skeptical about doing this, as they say I’m my own worst critic. I’m going to start off with what is one of my…
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