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Splatoon Squid Kid Takoroka T-Shirt DIY

Splatoon Squid Kid DIY T Shirt 2My kids are major Inklings. They both love playing Nintendo’s Splatoon! Over the weekend I decided to make everyone a Splatoon Squid Kid Takoroka T-Shirt. This Splatoon Squid Kid Takoroka T-Shirt is super easy to make. If you are new to stenciling check out my Beginners Guide To Stenciling. If you just need a refresher on stenciling read my Quick 10 Step Guide.

For this Squid Kid T-Shirt I used:
Tulip Soft Fabric Paint 4oz Matte Ebony
Gallery Glass Leading Blanks-10″X18″ 2/Pkg
Westcott Titanium Bonded Hobby Knife
White T-Shirts (Target Clearance)
Helix Craft Cutting Mat
Prismacolor Ebony Graphite Pencil
Santa Fe Art Supply 15 pc Paint Brush Set

To make your stencil print this Takoroka image as the template. (Source) You can scale this image to any size you need in an application like GIMP. Which is available free.

Splatoon Takoroka Outline Logo


Lay your cutting mat down. Put the printed Takoroka image on top. Over the Takoroka image put your leading blanks. Use your hobby knife to cut out the Takoroka logo. You can discard the outer two images but keep the middle ones. Your Stencil should look like this:

Takoroka Stencil

The Gallery Glass Leading Blanks allow the paint to bleed too much to paint over the stencil. Place your stencil centered over your shirt. Use your Primsma color pencil to trace the Takoroka logo on to your shirt. Use your discarded middle insert to trace the triangle on to your shirt.

Takoroka Stencil 2

All you need to do now is paint the logo on to your shirt using the Tulip Fabric Paint and Santa Fe Art Supply paint brush. You can wait patiently to let your Splatoon Squid Kid Takoroka T-Shirt dry or if you’re like me you can dry it with your hairdryer. Once the paint has dried you will need to iron the image to help it set. For extra good measure you should also run it through the dryer one cycle. Don’t wash your shirt for 72 hours.

If you want to let your kids in on the fun let them have a “Turf War” outside with Tulip Fabric Mini Spray Paint. And by Turf War I mean spray paint their own Splatoon Squid Kid Takoroka T-Shirt not each other! I’m not that cool.

Splatoon Squid Kid DIY T Shirt Turf WarSplatoon Squid Kid DIY T Shirt Turf War

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