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Smiley360| InkJoy 300 RT Pens (Assorted) Review

Care Bear Cheer Bear Pink InkJoy® 300 RT Pens (Assorted)

As a member of Smiley360 I’ve received a complimentary pack of InkJoy 300 RT Pens (Assorted) for testing purposes. Today I decided to test out these pens and draw a Care Bear for my youngest daughter. One of the ways we get her to go to bed at night is to create works of art together. She hangs them in her room by her bed to make going to bed an enjoyable experience. She will likely be adding glue and glitter to this Care Bear but I wanted to share it with you before she did.

I received an 8 pack of InkJoy 300 RT Pens. The colors included black, orange, dark blue, green, purple, red, pink and light blue. I would have preferred a yellow to a 2nd blue. Each pen has an extended rubberized grip that does prevent your fingers from discomfort. Massaging gel would have set it apart from other brands but also would have increased the price point. I’m very happy with the current price point so going with this texture for a grip was a good choice.

I’m very satisfied with ink flow of the InkJoy 300 RT Pens. They didn’t clog or smear. The color quality of the ink met my expectations. The colors are bold and bright, perfect for a Care Bear. I enjoyed how easily the ink mixed to create new colors. The pink/red and the blue on the rainbow are combination of two pen colors.

I will definitely continue purchasing InkJoy 300 RT Pens but I would like more color options.

Ratings (Out of five stars):

Comfort: gold-star25gold-star25gold-star25gold-star25gold-star25

Color Selection: gold-star25gold-star25gold-star25gold-star25

Inkflow: gold-star25gold-star25gold-star25gold-star25gold-star25

Color Quality: gold-star25gold-star25gold-star25gold-star25gold-star25

Price Point: gold-star25gold-star25gold-star25gold-star25gold-star25

Overall rating:  24 out of 25 stars / 4.8 Star Average

I hope you enjoyed this InkJoy 300 RT Pens (Assorted) review. If you have tried out InkJoy 300 RT Pens (Assorted) leave me a comment and let me know what you thought about them. If you would like submit your product for review and be featured in my blog please contact me by using my contact form.

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