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Sew much fun!| DIY Owl Wings

It’s no secret; I have little to no experience sewing. My friend over at Seamingly Sweet Creations makes me immensely jealous with her sewing creations. She’s helped me make a few things over the years but I finally decided to break down and buy a new sewing machine. Buying a new sewing machine has been long overdue; my sewing machine is older than me and weighs too much to drag it out for quick projects, that and I can’t thread the thing for the life of me. So I bought the Brother’s Lightweight and full sized model JX2517.

Sewing DIY Owl Wings

I used two sites to build the templates for my DIY Owl Wings:

#1 M.a.k.e. Alitas!
#2 Hobby Hobby

I wanted to make the wings more like a cape than wings, which would turn out to be my downfall. I definitely recommend keeping the set of wings detached and not sewing them together like I did.

DIY Owl Wings Before Stitches


I contemplated filing my DIY Owl Wings under DIY Failures because when I finished sewing the cape was too heavy to conform around a neck and rest comfortably on shoulders. I was about ready to give up when I decided to add a few more stitches to the inside of the wings to give them more form. I admit the underside looks silly but I’m afraid if I cutout the folded fabric the form of the wings will start to flatten and collapse.

DIY Owl Wings inside view

So my first solo sewing art project wasn’t a complete disaster! I doubt my designs will be hitting the runways anytime soon but I’m pleased with the results. What’s most important is that Emiliablo is pleased with her owl wings. Oh, I forgot to mention when I set out to make her wings/cape my intent was to make dragon wings, not owl wings. I will have you know that Emiliablo decided they looked more like owl wings than dragon wings and she’s the one who decided what to call them! I can’t take credit for making owl wings because to be honest the thought never crossed my mind! This was one of those times where I let my on hand supplies dictate the nature of my project and the silver fabric used to make the wings reminded me of dragon scales.

DIY Owl Wings

I hope you enjoyed my DIY Owl Wings. If you are inclined to try this project out leave me a link to your pictures, I’m curious to see what other people come up with. Make sure you follow me on Pinterest for more of my creations.


  1. Reese Speaks (Post author)

    You did A fab job with your DIY owl wings! They are simply lovely!

    1. IAMM3Z (Post author)

      TY Reese! It was a fun project. Do you sew?

      1. Reese Speaks (Post author)

        I could not sew my way into a body pillow case! Sewing machines and I are not friends. I am getting help from my friend and am planning some DIY projects with her so I get somewhat better at doing this!

        1. IAMM3Z (Post author)

          That’s what I did for the past few years. When I needed something made my friend helped and guided me. I’m just now adventuring out on my own. Good luck on your projects. What are you making?

          1. Reese Speaks (Post author)

            Simple things for now like chair cushions for my desk and porch chairs, curtins from scratch…I’ll be proud to pull these off by myself!

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