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Quick Tip | Valerian Root “The Best Kept Secret”

Valerian Root sounds like some kind of psychedelic homeopathic woo that only hippies from the ’60s and practicing Wiccans would take. (No offense to either, I just don’t belong in those sects of people.) When my friend first told me about it I doubted the integrity of her information. But after months of back and forth with my doctor and no results I was willing to try anything.

I’ve been suffering from various symptoms for the past few months; none of which have an identified source. It’s been a frustrating process and I’m still working with my primary care doctor to figure it out. But in the meantime there were a few symptoms that I could sit around and wait for her to decide to treat.

Two of those symptoms were anxiety and insomnia. Now obviously I don’t need a doctor to help me find the source of those symptoms but because of my other unresolved issues she didn’t want to treat my anxiety or insomnia until she knew what else was wrong with me. So nevertheless I gave Valerian Root a try.

On my first day I took 3 530 mg and hour before bed. I didn’t really notice much. On day two I took the same amount and could feel myself becoming naturally sleepy and that has been my experience for the past few weeks of use.

What I like most about Valerian Root is that it doesn’t feel like you are taking medicine. There’s no overwhelming sedation that will keep you from functioning. You just slowly start to feel tired until you decide to go to bed. I still lay down for a few minutes. I don’t fall asleep instantly. I do however fall asleep and rest more comfortably. (Less tossing and turning)

I’ve also used Valerian Root throughout the day to treat work related anxiety. When I’m at work I just take one 530 mg capsule. There is no feeling of sedation at all with the smaller dose. You won’t even notice that it’s working. About an hour after taking it you will just feel like you slowly came in to a relaxed state and wonder how you got there.

Valerian Root truly is the best kept secret. I’d never previously heard of it let alone heard how naturally it feels when you take it. I don’t feel any side effects. It has such a natural affect that as cliché as it sounds Valerian Root makes me feel normal. At least what I imagine other people feel like when they don’t suffer from anxiety or insomnia.


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