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Dora The Explorer StickersEmiliablo started the Terrible Two’s around 18 months. Ever since then we have been looking for innovative ways to occupy her short attention span.

I don’t recall where I read about it someone posted about letting her toddler use stickers on a long road trip. This mother claimed that it was her saving grace. I didn’t immediately run to the store for some stickers, it happened more naturally.

When I was the Dollar Store Emiliablo yelled out, “Dora!” You see if she spots Dora any time we are out shopping she makes sure everyone in the store knows that she has spotted Dora. Luckily for us both this time she had spotted these Dora stickers.

I quickly remember the mother’s advice and decided that I wanted to try the method of sticker distraction. I bought these stickers and threw them in my purse for a rainy day.

Probably about a week later we were at Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Joint (Which if you haven’t tried them out you should) and Emiliablo decided to act a fool. I tried my normal methods to calm her down but it wasn’t working. At this point I broke out the Dora stickers.

She quickly became a happy baby. It was like some flipped a switch and my well behaved toddler returned. From that point forward I’ve kept a pack of stickers in my toddler toolkit. It’s an easy and cheap solution to distracting your toddler while you wait for food or wait for her grumpy mood to pass.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Quick Tip. If you try this tip out please leave me a comment and let me know if you were successful. If you would like submit your own quick tip and be featured in my blog please contact me by using my contact form.
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  2. Anonymous

    And then the stickers end up stuck and clustered to the car window…just one thing to consider with those fabulous stickers!

    1. IAMM3Z

      Thanks for the advice. We have a 9 year old to help supervise the sticker situation so our car is well protected! I mostly use the stickers in restaurants while we wait on food.


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