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Quick Tip| The Best DIY Personalized Christmas Stocking

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Nanas Christmas Stocking

Nothing irritates me more than spending tons of time writing a name on a Christmas Stocking only for it to dry cracked and peeling. If you use the glitter glue pens you have probably discovered how easily your lettering cracks. Even if you use school glue you’ve likely discovered that it cracks easily. I’ve found that the most durable method for putting a name on your personalized Christmas stocking is to use a hot glue gun. I don’t have a steady hand so my handwriting is atrocious but I assure you that this lettering is the most durable method  that I’ve tried. I’ve also hand painted lettering on to our Christmas stockings but it’s really difficult to paint on the fabric most Christmas stockings are made of. If you do this try to find the stockings that aren’t as fuzzy. (I believe they are felt)

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