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Quick Tip | Food Coloring Can Make Breakfast Fun

Invoke the spirit of Dr. Seuss by bringing some fun in to your morning breakfast. I first found this idea on but I didn’t pay it much attention until my fiancé found an article on about enjoying enrichment play with your baby. I don’t know if her tiny brain is enriched by blue pancakes or green eggs but I get a good laugh when the man of the house serves me a wacky breakfast in the morning. Here’s two of his ::cough:: masterpieces:

colorful food final

I’m still waiting on my rainbow pancakes. Though I’m doubtful these colors are possible with just any dyes. As you can see in my photo’s the colors aren’t near as crisp and bold. Also the “Non flavored” dye we bought seems to add a small amount of citrus flavor and if you used the amount of dye it would require to make them look this pretty your pancakes would probably taste like a sour lemon and your mouth would be stained for days. I guess that would be funny enough as a practical joke but it’s hardly practical for a morning breakfast. So don’t be disappointed when your pancakes or eggs don’t look like the cool ones on Pinterest. Just follow the directions on the box and you should be stain and worry free.

Image courtesy  of Spoonful.Com

Image courtesy of Spoonful.Com

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