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Quick Tip| Easter Eggs With Or Without Vinegar? How To Make Bright And Boldly Colored Easter Eggs.

One of the most common Easter Egg Dyeing questions are should I or shouldn’t I use vinegar while decorating my Easter eggs? I will leave the final decisions up to you. You should know if you are Facebook stalking your friend’s profiles trying to figure out why their eggs are bold and your eggs are not then you have come to the right place. The answer is that your friend used a splash of vinegar in their dye.

Here’s a picture of Easter Eggs before using vinegar and Easter Eggs after using vinegar:

Easter Eggs Before And After Vinegar

If you have decided that you want to use vinegar than congratulations on your bright and boldly colored Easter Eggs. All you need to do is put 3 tbsp. of vinegar in each cup and you are on your way to beautiful Easter Egg Dyeing.

Please share pictures of your Easter Eggs with us in our comments.

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