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Personalized Gifts for $2.99 From| Promo Code Inside

Not long ago I participated in a free promotional from and received a custom made mouse pad for free! Check out the quality:

My mouse is back with an exciting new offer. You can pick out one of their 60 personalized gifts for only $2.99! This is a steal! I’ve ordered a customized tote bag with the Topic Spill logo. This is a $17.99 value and I’m getting it for $2.99! They are even paying my shipping cost. You won’t be able to find a cheaper deal on these items locally or online. To receive your gift at the promotional price you will need to use the promo code ZCBC299CC6DW78 at check out. Here’s the tote bag I designed and ordered:

My Tote

For your convenience I’ve complied a complete listing of the gifts available for customization at for only $2.99. In order to start your order you will need to visit here. To receive your gift at the promotional price you will need to use the coupon code ZCBC299CC6DW78 at checkout. When you get done come back here and share your designs with me; I can’t wait to see what customized gifts you all create! Feel free to share promo code ZCBC299CC6DW78 with your friends and family!

Classic Tote BagTwin-sided Black Tote BagClassic Tote Bag (Red)

Classic Tote Bag                    Twin-sided Black Tote Bag         Classic Tote Bag (Red) 

$15.99                                     $17.99                                       $15.99

Recycle Bag (One Side)Recycle Bag (Two Sides)

Recycle Bag (One Side)   Recycle Bag (Two Sides) 

$8.99                                     $10.99

Cosmetic Bag (Small)Cosmetic Bag (Medium)Cosmetic Bag (Large)

Cosmetic Bag (Small)  Cosmetic Bag (Medium)  Cosmetic Bag (Large) 

$11.99                               $13.99                                    $15.99
Cosmetic Bag (XL)Cosmetic Bag (XXL)Cosmetic Bag (XXXL)
Cosmetic Bag (XL)                 Cosmetic Bag (XXL)                Cosmetic Bag (XXXL) 

$17.99                                       $19.99                                          $21.99

Coin Change PurseCoin PursePencil Case

Coin Change Purse                       Coin Purse                            Pencil Case 

$8.99                                              $16.99                              $11.99

Compact Camera Leather CaseDigital Camera Leather Case

Compact Camera Leather Case  Digital Camera Leather Case 

$15.99                                              $13.99

Playing Cards (Mini)Playing Cards 54 Designs (Mini)Playing Cards Single Design

Playing Cards (Mini)  Playing Cards 54 Designs (Mini)  Playing Cards Single Design 

$15.99                            $18.99                                        $18.99

Playing Cards 54 Designs

Playing Cards 54 Designs 


Name StampLarge Rubber Stamp (Rectangle)Medium Rubber Stamp (Round)

Name Stamp         Large Rubber Stamp (Rectangle)  Medium Rubber Stamp (Round) 

$7.99                                            $15.99                                       $14.99

Rubber Stamp (Oval)

Rubber Stamp (Oval) 


Small Memo PadLarge Memo Pad

Small Memo Pad                             Large Memo Pad 

$5.99                                                  $6.99

Sleeping Mask

Sleeping Mask 


Round OrnamentRound Ornament (Two Sides)Round Filigree Ornament

Round Ornament  Round Ornament (Two Sides)  Round Filigree Ornament 

$8.99                             $10.99                                          $8.99

Round Filigree Ornament (Two Sides)Oval OrnamentOval Ornament (Two Sides)

Round Filigree Ornament (Two Sides)  Oval Ornament  Oval Ornament (Two Sides) 

$10.99                                           $8.99                     $10.99

Ornament (Oval Filigree)Oval Filigree Ornament (Two Sides)Heart Ornament

Ornament (Oval Filigree)  Oval Filigree Ornament (Two Sides)  Heart Ornament 

$8.99                                        $10.99                                       $8.99

Heart Ornament (Two Sides)Star OrnamentStar Ornament (Two Sides)

Heart Ornament (Two Sides)  Star Ornament  Star Ornament (Two Sides) 

$10.99                             $8.99                    $10.99

Snowflake OrnamentSnowflake Ornament (Two Sides)Bell Ornament

Snowflake Ornament  Snowflake Ornament (Two Sides)  Bell Ornament 

$8.99                                $10.99                                            $8.99

Bell Ornament (Two Sides)Christmas Tree OrnamentChristmas Tree Ornament (Two Sides)

Bell Ornament (Two Sides)  Christmas Tree Ornament  Christmas Tree Ornament (Two Sides) 

$10.99                                         $8.99                                  $10.99

Drink Coaster (Round)Drink Coaster (Square)Drink Coasters (Heart)

Drink Coaster (Round)  Drink Coaster (Square)  Drink Coasters (Heart) 

$4.99                                    $4.99                                    $4.99

4-Port USB Hub (One Side)4-Port USB Hub (Two Sides)3 Port USB Hub

4-Port USB Hub (One Side)  4-Port USB Hub (Two Sides)  3 Port USB Hub 

$13.99                                         $15.99                                      $13.99

Handbag Mirror (2.25 )3  Handbag Mirror

Handbag Mirror (2.25″)  3″ Handbag Mirror 

$11.99                               $13.99

Glasses Cloth (Small)Car Window Sign

Glasses Cloth (Small)  Car Window Sign 

$5.99                                 $8.99

Key Chain (Round)Key Chain (Rectangle)Key Chain (Heart)

Key Chain (Round)  Key Chain (Rectangle)  Key Chain (Heart) 

$10.99                         $10.99                                 $11.99

3-Ring Key ChainDog Tag (One Sided)

3-Ring Key Chain  Dog Tag (One Sided) 

$15.99                       $10.99

Disclaimer: I don’t guarantee price and availability. For any customer service issues please contact To receive the before mentioned gifts at a promotional price you will need to use the Cowcow promo/coupon code ZCBC299CC6DW78 at checkout. The total will not be adjusted until you enter the promo/coupon code. Only items listed here are part of this promotion. Terms & Conditions for promo/coupon code ZCBC299CC6DW78:
1. The products in this promotion are at $2.99 for the first item. $7.99 for each additional item
2. This promotion ends October 16, 2013
3. Coupon codes can only be used once per IP address
4. Coupon codes can be shared to an unlimited number of people
5. Customers must apply the coupon code in order to enjoy this discount offer
6. This discount offer (and Cash Dollar rewards) only applies to the purchases of specified items under this promotion
7. Customers can only receive Cash Dollars if they themselves have already made a purchase under this promotion
8. Customers can earn a maximum of $50 Cash Dollars under this offer
9. Only successful referrals will be rewarded Cash Dollars. A successful referral happens when someone makes a purchase using YOUR unique code
10. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offers
11. CowCow has the right to terminate this promotion at any given time without prior notice
12. In case of dispute, CowCow’s decision is final


  1. Jolene

    Wow…this is great!!

    1. IAMM3Z

      It really is a steal. I couldn’t believe the pricing for the tote bag I ordered!

  2. producthoochie

    Great deal- thanks!

    1. IAMM3Z

      You’re welcome. I could see you liking the personalized handbag mirror! 😀

      1. producthoochie


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