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Raw Video: Watch President Obama’s Al Smith dinner speech – YouTube

Who knew the president had a sense of humor? Good times and nice shout out for The Voice! I personally thought his joke about his first debate was the funniest. It’d be nice to see more of this side of…
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Gerrymandering Explained – YouTube

I found this video to be informative. Watch it while enjoying your cup of coffee this AM.

The Atheist Alcoholic

I wrote this article a few years ago and wanted to post it here.  This was written to get the attention of people who are already familiar with recovery, addiction, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), and religion. If you don’t have prior knowledge of…
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An introduction to Topic Spill

I’ve delayed the inevitable of creating a blog because I had this grand idea for a website. It was going to be the greatest thing since fried rice. I sat on the idea for many years before I realized I…
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