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Myrtle Beach, SC Last Call On Memories

If I wrote about every memory at the beach I’d never be able to catch up on some of my other topics! So in this blog post I’m going to post pictures that probably warranted their own blog.

Batman Sighting

Ok, no I’m not one of those anti Ben Affleck Batman haters. But when I saw this billboard I couldn’t resist the temptation to join in on the fun. So here’s my attempt at joining in on the Ben Affleck Batman Meme. I saw this billboard somewhere on my way back home, probably one of the Carolina’s.

Ben Affleck Batman Meme

My One Legged Friend

I was going to write you this really awesome story about this one legged bird I met on the pier. But Miablo said that it would be dishonest because the bird in question, third from the right, does in fact have both his legs. I was going make up this elaborately epic story about how he lost his other leg but Miablo convinced me that being honest was more ideal. Psh… kids. So here’s a bird that I insisted had one leg until my nine year point out to me that he had his leg perched up under his wing and that he was not in fact missing a leg. Ya, know because I couldn’t figure that out on my own. ::Facepalm::

My One Legged Friend

Because who wants to stop at a dirty bathroom?

I thought this sign was incredibly redundant. Who is going to advertise that they have dirty bathrooms? Do you charge more for clean bathrooms? I got a good laugh out of this sign and non sequentially ended up stopping at Sparky’s to use their bathroom and they were in fact clean. No more clean than any other public bathroom though. I was seriously expecting a five star bathroom but it was better than a porta potty.

Sparkys Clean Restrooms

Share The Road

This one is much more serious than my previous images. On our way home we ran in to several traffic jams. During one of them a few motorcyclist decided that they couldn’t wait in line with the rest of us. They proceed to weave in and out of traffic as you can see in my images. These pictures were taken a few days after the national news outlets reported the motorcyclists who attacked a man who had clipped a biker. (Source)

I’m not going to get in to a cars vs. motorcyclist rant here but sharing the road is a two way deal. If you drive recklessly it makes it hard for drivers of cars to be on the lookout for you. My plea is to both motorcyclist and car drivers, share the road and drive safely. As you can see in this picture another group of motorcyclist had to watch their friend/family be airlifted to the hospital. I couldn’t find a news article on this accident so I don’t know what happened or if the person survived.

Share The Road

A Little Voodoo for you little one?

Do you ever wonder how something EVER sounded like a good idea? How did Voodoo dolls pass the PR team? I’m not one of those hyper sensitive mothers who shelters their children from anything that isn’t a basic stick figure. I also don’t typically buy these cheap gumball toys because they are a waste of money and hurt when you accidentally step on them. But Voodoo dolls? Really? Is that what we should be teaching our passive aggressive children instead of teaching them to stand up to bullies? No, ok… maybe it’s leap to go from Voodoo dolls to bullying but like children need another passive aggressive way to avoid confronting their problems. I just don’t like the idea of peddling Voodoo dolls to young impressionable kids. I also wouldn’t want to be the one to have to explain how some cultures practice this ritual because I seriously don’t know enough about this to turn in it to a life lesson and my time on Google could be spent researching something more informative. So needless to say I passed on the Voodoo.

Voodoo Dolls Meme

There’s Something Wrong With This Sponge Bob

Why did TY Beanie Babies come out with this freaky excuse of a Sponge Bob? He’s not a knock off he’s the real deal. Did they think it would be cool to mess with an iconic image or are they trying to give us all nightmares? STOP IT TY! Whatever you reasoning is you failed. These Sponge Bob’s look stupid and should be recalled.

Sponge Bob Meme

Jelly Fish Season

I don’t know if it was jelly fish season in Myrtle Beach or if it was just my luck. Honestly I don’t know a lot about what causes jelly fish to wash up on shore or when it’s more likely to happen. I can tell you that the first week in October 2013 the jelly fish were rampant. You couldn’t walk a yard without running in to another jelly fish. I recall one night Diablo and I were strolling down the beach for a romantic moonlit walk and the jelly fish were laid out in fives instead of one at a time. They were just everywhere! This one was my favorite jelly fish picture. Thankfully no one was hurt by any jelly fish on this vacation.

Jelly Fish Meme

It Does Exist!

Have you ever had one of those days where you wonder where all these stupid people come from? Well I’ve found the source of all of the stupid people. In Myrtle Beach, SC there is actually a Stupid Factory. Ok, so they don’t actually manufacture Stupid People and their store is actually pretty cool. (Even if they do sale freaky eyed Sponge Bobs) Never the less I’m rolling with it.

The Stupid Factory

How To Cure A Sunburn While Vacationing

It’s not actually scientifically proven that a good dessert will cure your sunburn. In fact firsthand accounts suggest that it’s actually useless at treating sunburn. That being said it will make you forget about it for a few minutes. I had one major job while we were at the beach and that was to put sunscreen on the family. It wasn’t until our last day at the beach that I realized my error. I had forgotten to put sunscreen on my back. Not just that day, but every day we were at the beach. How does one do this? I don’t know but I did it. Diablo and I went on a walk to go get some aloe vera and we ended up stopping at the 2nd Ave Pier for dessert. It was a picture perfect dessert. Slightly dry but still enjoyable. It probably cost more than it was worth. It’s definitely not as good as Chili’s lava cake but the experience was exceptional. It’s a lovely restaurant.

2nd Avenue Pier Dessert

Not Pictured Short Notes:

Myrtle Beach bike week is not that bad.
Diablo burned two meals.
It’s not that hot in Myrtle Beach, SC in October.
It only rained once and it was a short shower.
Emiliablo didn’t require one of those child leashes like I originally contemplated.
Miablo spent less money than she thought she needed.
Gift shop shopping is really hard when every store sells the same crap.
My sucky camera is terrible at night shots, sunrises and audio of the ocean.
I packed far too many clothes.
There are not near enough sea food restaurants in Myrtle Beach.
Golden Corral is a really affordable alternative to expensive dinning out in Myrtle Beach.
Don’t put malt beverages in the freezer overnight. Unless you want to clean up glass the next day.

Honorable Mention Photos:

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  1. Hunt FOR Truth

    We went there a few years back because it was a low cost compared to our plans that didn’t pan out when I’d lost my job that year. It was enjoyable for sure.
    ~ Eric


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