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Moral Victory

victory-dribbble-Joel-D-Jesus-Picture-JDJ-Band-JDJ-Ministry2014 has been a slow blogging year for me. Life has been both challenging and rewarding so far this year; I’ve had setbacks and accomplishments like everyone else but today I want to celebrate a moral victory. I have a group of people in my life who want to demoralize me. They have been attempting to bring me down and hurt me with their insults and threats for a little over a year now. For them, it’s easier to vilify me than to take accountability for the situation they have put themselves in.

By refusing to accept responsibility for their shortcomings they have created a life for themselves that is undesirable by common standards. In order to increase their level of comfort with their lives they thought they would take me to court to prove that I was unjust and unfairly arbitrarily assigning a monetary value to our financial agreement. Because of their greed and lack of education I was awarded a significant settlement by the court. One that will not even begin to compensate me monetarily for the cost acquired by our mutual asset but never the less a moral victory.

It feels surprisingly uplifting to defeat my foes in court. I feel completely vindicated by the courts ruling and relieved that the court decided not only in my favor, but with a substantial increase in the settlement. Of course my foes are less than happy with the court’s rulings and I’m sure even though they are the ones who petitioned the court to review our case the court’s decision will further vilify me in their eyes.

I wish this was the end of the battle and that I could see light at the end of the tunnel; unfortunately it’s likely only the beginning. They are already in the process of pursuing more legal action against me, that which they are also likely to lose in court. It’s a relentless assault on my character in a futile attempt to bring me down. Regrettably they fail to see they innocent bystanders that are hurt in the process of their assault on me. They haven’t considered the pain and destruction that follows every decision they make, perhaps they have and simply don’t care, either way it’s not gone unnoticed and one day they will be held morally responsible for how they have harmed these “innocents”. I hope on that day they don’t lack courage and honesty, I fear a cowardly lie would be the beginning of the end of relationships they so desperately attempt to cling to.

A word of advice to the lurking foes hiding in the shadows. Without change history repeats itself, less you choose a different path all the stories you were told will become your reality. Like it or not you are on a path “to walk a thousand miles in my shoes.” I hope you don’t stumble when you fall.

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