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Mom Blog| The Mommy Sandwich Recipe

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The Mommy SandwhichRecipe: 

2 pieces of bread
1 slice of ham
1 slice of cheese
potato chips
1 heaping helping of sugar, spice, and everything nice

Odds are if you’ve ever raised or cared for a toddler you’ve been fortunate enough to have had a Mommy Sandwich bestowed upon you. It wasn’t until our recent trip to Myrtle Beach, SC that I fully appreciated the Mommy Sandwich. To save on our food expenses we decided we would get a kitchenette and eat in our room. I’m not sure if it’s the peaceful sounds of the ocean in the background or if it’s simply being far away from home; all the little things my children typically do seemed to be less cumbersome.

Typically when Emiliablo refused to eat at home I’d become rather annoyed about the wasted food and bothered by her cranky spirit. As Snickers would say, “She’s not her when she’s hungry!” Since we are on vacation I decided it didn’t matter if she filled up on chips and cookie! Who cared if she ate her meat or bread? Carpe diem as they say.

The Mommy Sandwich helped me learn to pick my battles more wisely. It’s not all that important if a toddler refuses to eat. It’s part of her ever growing independence and she will eat when she’s hungry. Since we’re back home I won’t let her fill up on chips and cookies but I’m not going to freak out when she hands me a Mommy Sandwich either. Hell, I might even snack on it myself.

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