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Mom Blog| My Daughter Hates My Singing Voice

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It’s no secret; I’m never going to have a breakout career in singing. Even though in one of my vivid dreams NBC’s The Voice reached out to me and asked me to star on their next season it would never happen in real life. I’m about as tone deaf as they come. I always thought that wasn’t supposed to matter to your children. They are the supposed to be the one safe haven where the tone deaf can belt out their lyrical masterpieces and receive praise and love for their beautiful performances. Such is not the case with Emiliablo.

Not too long ago Emiliablo was sick and needed some tender love and care. Diablo was desperate for a break from Emiliablo’s inconsolable crying.  When Miablo was younger my rendition of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star always did the trick. Remembering the success of my past I walked Emiliablo to the bedroom. I handed her “night” (Code word for blanket) to her and sat in the rocking chair with her cradled in my arms. (This, by the way, is nearly impossible because my 19 month old daughter is 3ft tall!) As I began to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Emiliablo looked up at me and said in the most desperate of voices, “Mom”. Not Mommy, or Momma that I’ve become accustomed to but simply “Mom”. I looked at her and smiled, continuing to sing her lullaby. She got more distressed calling out, “Mom, Moom, Mooooom, MOM!” She just kept looking at me like she wanted to get my attention. I rubbed her face and continued singing with a smile. She was becoming more and more distraught by the minute. That’s when it occurred to me, my daughter very clearly hates the sound of my voice! What else could it be?

I of course had to test my theory. I wasn’t going to be insulted by a 19 month old if I weren’t certain that it was my voice causing her such distress. So I continue rocking her but this time in silence. She nuzzled up with her night, closed her eyes, and smiled. She slowly begins to rest in her head in my arms; peace and quiet at last.


  1. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez

    My daughter used to yell in the car, “Mom don’t sing!”

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