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B is for

If your answer was bird you would be wrong. The ABC Song By Kids Games Club is actually one of my preferred free apps for Emiliablo on the Ipod but I think someone botched this portion of the game. As a two year old how is Emiliablo to know that B is for bear not Nightingale? Or even know what a Nightingale is? To be frank I thought b was for bird and the bear was a “teddy bear” so even at 28 I got this question wrong. This was one of those times where I shook my head and laughed at the genius who created this app. Good for you for knowing what a Nightingale is, but can you design an app a toddler can comprehend? Since Kids Game Club’s target audience is toddlers after all you would think you wouldn’t have to be a zoologist to play the ABC Song. Oh well, Emiliablo still likes the app so I can’t complain too much! At least they don’t bombard you with ads.

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