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Mom Blog| An Invasion In Barbie Land

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An Envasion In Barbie Land Story Board

It was a rainy summer night and Kiablo, Diablo, Miablo, and Emiliablo were all quietly enjoying Star Trek on the television when all of a sudden they heard something rustling in the bushes outside. Diablo, being the strong alpha male that he is, decided he would stay upstairs and watch over the children, Miablo and Emiliablo. Kiablo rushed down the stairs to take a gander at the disturbance outside, that’s when she heard a scratch on the door. She gazed out the peep hole and discovered there was a giant outside her Barbie Mansion. She cried out for Diablo and shouted, “Diablo, Diablo! There’s a giant monster in our front yard.” Suddenly they heard more scratches at the door, this time twice as vigorous. By now this beast was trying to enter their humble home. Diablo opened the door to see if he could scare off this beast. By then it became evident that only our beloved family dog Dexter could save us all. He managed to scare off the giant we would letter call, Bobo, only for another beast Isis to emerge out of the darkness. Diablo called upon his mighty dog, Dexter, and once more Dexter saved the family by ridding the home of these giant beasts.

An Envasion In Barbie Land

I’ve never played Barbie’s as hardcore as I do with Emiliablo. She requires me to explore what is left of imagination. Most days the adventures in the Barbie house are not near as eventful as today’s. Emiliablo got a kick out of the invasion. She thinks it’s marvelous that the animals decided to join in on the fun. I was less impressed as you never know when Dexter will decide to take a bite out of the closest Barbie,

I enjoy the bonding that occurs when Emiliablo and I play Barbies but man its exhausting! We have several Barbie sessions a day and it all but sucks out every bit of energy I have! It’s like her Barbie house has a life sucking vortex, when we are done playing I couldn’t have an original thought if my life depended on it!

Thank goodness I can call Miablo and Diablo to come take my place or I would probably lose my mind in Barbie Land. We are fortunate to have a Dad who enjoys all things girly. He doesn’t let any form of machismo interfere in his playtime with his daughter.   I’m reminded of a time in our early stages of dating that he played Dora with Miablo. He went as far as to let her put her Dora hat on him while they played Dora. Good times, good memories.

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