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Micro LED Lights DIY Projects

RTGS Products invited me to review their Micro LED Lights in blue, green, red, and pink. I used these micro LED lights to create 4 easy DIY projects. I will share them each with you. First for you I have my stunning red Eiffel Tower lamp.

Micro LED Light DIY Lamp

This only took me about 20 minutes to do. All you need is an old lamp and the red micro LED lights by RTGS Products. Simply wind the micro LED lights around your lamp. That’s it! Instant one of a kind art.

Micro LED Light DIY Vase

Second DIY project I have to share with you is this pink micro LED light vase. This one is even easier than the red Eiffel tower. All you have to have is vase and the pink micro LED lights by RTGS Products. Simply push the micro LED lights in to the vase and voila!

Micro LED Light DIY Mason Jar

This third DIY project is a green micro LED light mason jar. All you need is a mason jar and green micro LED lights by RTGS Products. Like the pink micro LED light vase all you have to do is stuff the mason jar with the green micro LED lights. This one looks even better in darker light but I wanted you to be able to see the mason jar.

Micro LED Light DIY Mirror

This final DIY project is a blue micro LED light mirror. For this project you will need a mirror and blue micro LED lights by RTGS Products. This one took me the longest because you will have to tape the lights around the mirror. It was still very easy!

Micro LED Light by RTGS Products

All four DIY projects are quick, easy, and temporary. You can easily disassemble any project and create something new. Each strand of micro LED lights has 60 super bright color LED lights. They are strung on a 20 ft long ultra thin silver wire with 4 in distance between each micro LED bulb. There’s an extra 20 Inches of clear cable between  the wire and the battery box.

Micro LED Lights by RTGS Products 2

The black batter box is designed for indoor and outdoor use so it’s waterproof. Each strand of lights requires 6 AA Batteries, not included. (TIP: The Dollar Tree sells an 8 pack of AA batteries for $1) The battery box has a plunger style switch with on, timer, and off options.These micro LED lights are sold with a  2 Years Warranty from RTGS Products.


Ratings (Out of five stars):

Brightness: gold-star25gold-star25gold-star25gold-star25gold-star25

Length: gold-star25gold-star25gold-star25gold-star25gold-star25

Lifespan: gold-star25gold-star25gold-star25gold-star25gold-star25

Versatility: gold-star25gold-star25gold-star25gold-star25gold-star25

Ease of use: gold-star25gold-star25gold-star25gold-star25gold-star25

Overall rating:  25 out of 25 stars / 5 Star Average

I hope you enjoyed this micro LED light review. If you have tried out RTGS Products’ micro LED lights leave me a comment and let me know what you thought about them. If you would like submit your product for review and be featured in my blog please contact me by using my contact form. I received this product complimentary from RTGS Products for quality testing purposes; all opinions expressed are my own.

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