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May The Peace Be With You

May The Peace Be With You

While vacationing in Myrtle Beach, SC I ran in to these Star Wars Peace Pipes in a souvenir shop. I’m not a smoker but I appreciated the craftsmanship and detail in these Star Wars peace pipes. I thought I would be clever and try to create a meme to go with these pipes. I thought “When the force can’t, may the peace be with you” was a clever meme, so I made it.

Homer Simpson Peace Pipe Meme

The same shop also had several other character pipes. I suppose the Homer Simpson peace pipe allowed for the most humorous meme, “When life gives you dope, smoke it!” Ya’ know cause Homer’s catch phrase is “dope”?!? Get it? Oh well whatever it made me laugh. Can you think of a better meme for these images? If so leave a comment below and I may make your meme for you!


  1. Michael Genford

    Nope. I got nuttin’.

    But yours are pretty darn good. 🙂

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