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Life Lesson 102|When Life Gives You Crabs

Myrtle Beach SC CrabWhen life gives you crabs make crab cake! Or use it as another opportunity to teach your children about the facts of life. It’s been awhile since I told you the story about Miablo and the death of a stingray. While vacationing in Myrtle Beach we spent a lot of time looking for beautiful seashells. Which reminds me! Did you know that the sea shells they sale in the tourist shops are fake? I’m still in denial, I mean how could they be fake? Imported crap from China? I seriously thought they just woke up earlier than everyone else and collect the best sea shells before the tourist woke up! Okay so what if I was naive!?! This blog isn’t even about that, let’s move on.

Diablo had been looking for seashells when he found what I would consider a micro conch shell. While investigating it he discovered that it had a crab inside of it! He decided to bring it back to the hotel room to show me and Emiliablo. (It was my turn to give her a nap) Apparently the crab decided to come out of it’s shell so we were left to determine what to do with it. Diablo tried to convince me that we needed a pet crab and that we should take it home. I had zero interest in keeping a crab. How does one even care for a crab? Is it even possible, how big will it get, what does it eat? While Google can be informative I had zero interest in learning how to care for a crab.

If though the crab refused to return to it’s shell we decided that we would release it back to the ocean. Perhaps it would become fish food but at least it would have a chance at survival . On our way to have lunch at the 2nd Ave Pier Diablo returned the crab back to the ocean. Miablo didn’t understand why we would return the crab to the ocean if it was just going to die anyways. We took this as the opportunity to explain natural selection to her and how human’s had a job to limit our impact on the environment.

Myrtle Beach SC Fish

It curious how Miablo’s brain can except the death of a micro crab but not the death of stingray. Kids and their logic! Nevertheless, she is slowly starting to understand how the death of one animal is survival for another. Believe it or not we actually had another several other opportunities to teach her this lesson.  She watched Diablo save a flounder that had washed up on shore and her Papa caught and released a bait fish that was swimming in the ocean with a hook still in it’s mouth. So while at the beach she watched lives be taken and saved. Do I win mother of the year or what?! There’s life lessons all around us we just need to take a few minutes to help our children understand and recognize them.

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  1. Holistic Wayfarer

    Of course I relate…as homeschoolers we’re constantly learning here. =) Thank you for the like on my Smarts and S-esteem post. Cheerleading your way.


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