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It’s My Car I’ll Do What I Want To!

While vacationing in Myrtle Beach, SC I ran in to some picture worthy scenes that deserved mentioning on my blog. Just yesterday I introduced you to my unidentified weird object. I’m closer to finding out what that UWO is but for now it remains a mystery. Today I want to show you some ‘pimp rides’ I saw during our vacation, hence the title of this blog, “It’s My Car I’ll Do What I Want To!”

Graffiti Car

Someone invoked their inner Miley Cyrus on this one. (Yes I’m singing the lyrics in my head while writing this blog!) I fully envisioned some chic getting out of this car with an oversize teddy bear on her back. Alas, whoever was driving this car was nowhere to be seen. Even if I had Daddy issues, which I do, I would not spray paint my car in an act of revenge; to each their own, I suppose. I don’t know about the owner of this car but I thoroughly enjoyed looking at it. We just don’t see these kinds of things in my neck of the woods; it was nice to get some ‘culture’ on my vacation.

License Plate Car

This guy was a little bit more rapcore than the Miley car. At least that’s would he would have had us all to believe as he was blasting his fresh beats down the road with those epic speakers he had stacked on top of his car. The only thing that could have made this siting even more tryhard would have been if he was playing Vanilla Ice on those speakers of his; cause you know he needs to bum rush the speaker that booms… too much? Meh, I had to do it. Off topic, did you know when Miablo was a toddler she could rap the lyrics to Ice Ice Baby? True story, if you know me in real life ask me for a link to her Youtube video. Good times.

Well those are all the ‘pimp rides’ I saw on my vacation. I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did. What’s your favorite part of vacationing? Have you ever spotted something out of norm while vacationing? Leave your story in my comments!

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