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Hoover (TTI Floor Care)| A Company You Can’t Trust

Earlier this year (March 3, 2014) I bought a new Hoover  (also known as TTI Floor Care) vacuum Model # UH70820 from Target. I should have returned it at the first sign of trouble. Immediately out of the box the motor made a humming noise. I didn’t mind because the suction power was amazing. It removed pet hair wonderfully and made old rugs look new again.

A few months after owning it the vacuum Model # UH70820 it overheated on the bottom and burned holes or roller marks in to my shag rug. I had just bought the rug earlier in the year so I was understandably upset. I filled out a complaint form on their website June 25, 2014.

I did not hear back from Hoover/TTI Floor Care so I emailed them again on July 18, 2014. I didn’t hear from Hoover/TTI Floor Care until late August 2014. I was told that the represented assign to my case had been transferred to another department so my complaint fell through the cracks.

The lady who called me was very kind and informative. She knew a lot about Hoover/TTI Floor Care products and explained to me that Model # UH70820 doesn’t have an automatic roller shut off feature. That when you are using the hose feature the rollers continue to roll, causing the bottom of the vacuum to overheat. She explained the damage claim process and that she would send me model that was redesigned with an automatic roller shutoff so that when I use the hose the replacement won’t further damage my property.

I was really impressed with her level of service and how informative she was. I accepted her offer for a replacement after reading the reviews online. I was reluctant because the reviews online were very similar to the concern I had, humming noises from the motor and overheating. But I needed a new vacuum and I was hoping I’d not have similar issues again. I wanted to put my trust in Hoover.

I received my replacement much sooner than expected, I was told 7-10 days from the date Hoover/TTI Floor Care ordered it but it was here in 2-3 days. Again immediately out of the box the replacement has a humming or vibrating noise coming from the motor. I’ve not yet used the hose attachment feature, mostly out of fear of further damaging my property.

Last week I’d realized it had been 5 weeks since I filled my damage claim against Hoover/TTI Floor Care and I was supposed to hear back from Hoover within 2-3 weeks with a determination of my claim. I emailed my Hoover/TTI Floor Care representative and she called my fiancé back this morning. The Hoover/TTI Floor Care Engineer could not find anything wrong the vacuum so my property damage claim was denied. They will not be paying for the cost to replace my now burned and charred rugs. She even went as far as to state if it had caught on fire and burned my house down Hoover wouldn’t be liable nor would they have approved my claim.

I work in manufacturing and customer service for a major corporation so I know the business well. I know all about use and care, customer liability and all that jazz. I can assure you that we did not cause this damage to our property from improper use or from any modifications made that would have resulted in a manufactures defect. We didn’t use this vacuum any differently than any other consumers in America, or the world, use their vacuum. It’s vacuum they’re really not that complicated to use.

Hoover/TTI Floor Care has really dropped the ball on this one. I’m highly irritated by this entire experience. I’m just one consumer and corporations such as Hoover/TTI Floor Care don’t care to lose one consumer. I may go through vacuums rather quickly, I buy a new one once every year or two due to loss of suction, but that doesn’t matter to them. What matters to them is not accepting liability for manufacturing faulty equipment, which could potentially catch your house on fire and burn it down. The bottom of a vacuum has no business getting so hot that it burns carpet and consumers should not be held accountable when they do.

Update #1 I spoke to a Hoover/TTI Floor Care supervisor today and she informed me that the engineer can’t duplicate this in his lab which means I must have used it incorrectly. They claim you have to use the vacuum with the back turned towards the object you’re vacuuming with the hose. This is not in the manual but non sequential because the hose is short and that’s the only way you can reach the back of the couch I was vacuuming any way. They further claimed that you have to have it tilted slightly back which is contradictory to the manual that states, “Brushroll continues to turn while product is turned on and handle is in upright position. To avoid damage to carpet, rugs, furniture and flooring, avoid tipping cleaner or setting it on furniture, fringed area rugs, or carpeted stairs during tool use.” I assured them that it wasn’t tipped and that it was in the upright position which is what the manual advised. She read the manual with me and noted my use. I requested that the engineer test on a high area rug like mine and not your standard carpeting but I’m not optimistic that will change his mind. A company so eager to blame me for this damage won’t change their mind, why would they? What motive do they have to help me? I was also reassured this is not really a fire hazard and that I was misspeaking about their product online. They apparently will speak to the representative who informed me of a design flaw because the verbiage was inappropriate. “Hoover, like other leading vacuum manufactures, have been using this design for a long time and still use it today so it’s obviously not a design flaw.” It’s just that if you don’t turn it in an arbitrary position not listed in the manual it might burn holes in your carpet. But heat of that magnitude is not a fire risk. Whew what a relief! I did request that representative who was helping me not be reprimanded, I don’t have anything personal against the agent. They were informative and did everything they promised to do, from calling and emailing when they said they would. Unfortunately they will probably get thrown under the bus with me if the recording from that day still exists. To that person, I’m sorry, I didn’t intend for you to be collateral damage.

Hover Safety Reports:

Update #2 Hoover tweeted me on 10/15 that their manager would be calling me back soon. I never heard back from anyone at Hoover and I don’t expect I ever will.

Update #3 (12/11/14)The replacement Hoover, TTI Floor Care, sent me no longer works. That didn’t last long but hey at least this one didn’t burn holes in my area rugs!


  1. Reese Speaks (Post author)

    I hope you also left a review on their site as to what both models did to your property, as well as the comments the last rep gave you in regards to what she said to a customer. That was out of line of her to say. She may have been having a bad day, but she did not have to go that far to explain her point. Is there anywhere you can leave a complaint about the customer service you received from this rep? Hopefully, it doesn’t fall through the cracks, too.

    1. IAMM3Z (Post author)

      I’m waiting on her supervisor to call me back. I did post a review on their website but they probably won’t approve it since they don’t like critical reviews. So I also reviewed it on Target and Amazon. If nothing else I hope no one buys this model. It’s potentially very dangerous. No matter what you don’t want your vacuum cleaner getting so hot it burns your property. That’s a major fire risk.

  2. linettefm (Post author)

    I have been a “Hoover gal” since in my teens, when I went out and bought my own. I will say that I had (side) fringe on an Oriental rug get munched off by one before. I noticed how the roller kept going even when upright (locked) and not moving. To me this meant the product could create friction, that resulted in heat and then damage or too much stress to the area it was idling on. I started laying it down, so the roller would not roll against anything if leaving it in an idle but “on” position. It just became a habit if I have to pick up something and then continue cleaning (small pause of 5 to 10 seconds while I bend and pick-up). I purchased several years ago a almost $300 one and I will say I was happy I kept my old attachments. The attachments were smaller and the “paw” looking one was absent. This is the one I use on rugs and cloth furniture, as I refuse to trust any brand to rolling on a rug for fearing it may destroy it (no matter how thick, short, thin or long the carpet’s pile may be). My only complain is having to clean out my hair out of the roller more often because I have long hair that catches everything. The current one I have does not keep rolling when the handle is locked in an upright position but one bad experience is enough to still make me lay it off the carpet. I am so sorry about your damage and I hope you are able to recover the funds. I created my habits because of one bad experience and never contacted the company. The rug was then trimmed and it’s in the laundry room, so I found a place for it but that was my choice. I still think a company’s product should not damage personal items if the “verbiage” in the manual does not alert the consumer beforehand.

    1. IAMM3Z (Post author)

      I know what you mean about learning from experience. The replacement model they sent has the automatic shutoff feature but I’ve not used the hose to clean furniture since. We have a Dirt Devil handheld that I use for those items now. Hoover accepted enough liability to replace the vacuum, that portion was rather easy, pain free, and they honestly exceeded my expectations. (Less forgetting to contact me for nearly two months) They just don’t want to pay to replace my rug. The rug cost more than the vacuum so it’s understandable why they would deny my claim. I don’t believe I will ever get a satisfactory response from them so I won’t be a Hoover consumer beyond this experience. I have to buy a new vacuum once every few years (Kids, pets, and loss of suction) so eventually it would have been more cost effective to retain me as a consumer.


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