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Holiday VoxBox from Influenster| Kiss® Nail Dress

I was selected to try Kiss® Nail Dress as part of the Holiday VoxBox. I was sent the style KDS11.

These were a lot of fun to apply. There were plenty of shapes to find one to fit every nail. Applying them was super easy. It goes on just like a sticker. I used finger nail clippers and small scissors to trim them down. They probably look more professional than my paint jobs and it was much easier to trim the access than it is to remove nail polish.

My daughter and I were both able to do our nails out of one box. We both have short nails so I figured out it would be easy to use the “left over” or scraps on our toenails. Next time I will try to cut more cleanly so that we can also do our toes. Here’s a copy of the directions off of the back of the Kiss® Nail Dress box:


If you find yourself in need a size that was already used I’ve come up with an easy solution. Line up the discarded liner on top of the strip you want to downsize. Cut along the outline of the desired size.


The final look is pretty impressive. I have no complaints and really enjoy this style. It is weightless, odorless, and easy to apply.


Price point for one pack of 28 strips is $6.99. I would say this would be best suited for “event wear”. I would use this nail art for prom, weddings, a night on the town, or any occasion that you want to get dolled up for. I wouldn’t not use this to wear to work, swimming, sporting, or any other activity that requires you to use your hands.

I wore this for about 5 hours. After taking a shower two of them were peeling off and the rest were all starting to peel. This doesn’t completely ruin my experience though. For $6.99 I think Kiss® Nail Dress is perfect for your special events. It can give your look that added edge while saving you money from having to go to the salon. I don’t think your going to get the “up top 10 days” that Kiss® Nail Dress advertises though.


Disclaimer: I was sent this item for free through Influenster. The opinions expressed here are my own.

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