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Have you met my gang of misfits?

I’ve always owned cats. Some of my earliest and fondest memories are of my childhood pet, Sasha. Sasha was a male long haired cream point Himalayan and one of the most beautiful cats I’ve ever seen.


Sasha was brought home when I was around 7. His favorite way to pass time was to run as fast as possible and jump up the door’s frame. I’ve never seen his acrobatic skills duplicated. In his older years I would have to pick him up to duplicate this jump as his elderly body could hardly jump off the floor. He always got excited when I would come over to visit and would insist on a few jumps before I left.

My current gang of misfits is not as acrobatic but they come with their own lovable personalities. Mr. Bojangles, aka Bobo, is the orange one below. He is part Siamese and part mutt. His brother looked like a pure breed Siamese cat while he resembles Garfield. He’s fat, lazy, and loves to eat. The cat to the right is Isis. We should have named her Mrs. Mustachio because she sports a white Hitler ‘stache under her nose but unfortunately the thought didn’t come to me until the name Isis had stuck.

Bojangles and Isis

Actually in retrospect we should have named them Garfield and Nermal. The personalities of Garfield and Nermal accurately represent Bobo (Mr. Bojangles) and Isis. It’s comical to think because not only do the two look like their respective counterparts from the comic but their personalities are very similar. I will let these classic Garfield and Nermal comics tell the rest of these two love bird’s story.


garfield_en_nermalNext on the list is our newest edition, Dexter, The Bay Harbor Butcher. Diablo and I are huge Dexter fans and while on the car ride home from picking up our new bundle of joy Diablo suggested the name Dexter. I didn’t want to go with the first name we thought of but after a few days we realized the name fit.


Dexter is a Yorkie Poo which is a Poodle Yorkie hybrid. When we first introduced him to the cats he was glad to have some playmates. He hopped around like a bunny rabbit trying to get them to play but neither Isis nor Bobo would have anything to with him. Dexter decided to up the ante and pounce Bobo. It’s hilarious watching this little puppy go on the offensive against our giant fat cat. Dexter has no fear, his size does not limit his ability to take on a challenge. Watching him play with the cats is very amusing. Bobo has finally warmed up to him and will play along with Dexter. Isis on the other hand is not there yet. Which is surprising because we thought she would mother hen him to death.

Well that’s all folks, no more animals to introduce you to. What kind of animals do you all have? Do you have any interesting stories? Share them in my comments!


  1. theawkwardmoose

    Aw! I love Bobo and Isis! I have a kitty who resembles Garfield too. He is an orange flabby cat named Puck. His personality is pretty Garfield-ish too. He was a sweet kitten until the time my father-in-law accidentally shut him in the refrigerator (for a few seconds). That was his “start of darkness”.

    1. IAMM3Z

      Oh poor Puck! Bobo was a sweet kitty. When he reached maturity he became more of a loaner. When we got Isis he hated her but now they are a best friends and take naps together. When we got Dexter Bobo became more active and playful again.

  2. AirportsMadeSimple

    So cute!!!!

    1. IAMM3Z

      Thank you!

  3. Kev

    Love your cat and the cartoon really had me laughing. 😀

    1. IAMM3Z

      Thanks, my cats are characters that’s for sure.


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