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Happy Halloween From Topic Spill!

TruMoo Party

Happy Halloween! 

This week I’ve give you a spooctacular menu for you Halloween party this weekend:

Mummy Dogs
TruMoo Monster Mash Mudslide
Vampire Pizza
Witches Brew

Do you need any last minute costume ideas? Than you are in the right place:

DIY Stenciled Pregnant Skeleton Halloween Costume
DIY Queen Ravenna’s Crown
Stencil any character to a shirt!

How about a custom owl template for you party decorations?

DIY Owl Templates

Do you need a classic updo to complete your Halloween costume?

The Four Braid Messy Updo

If you are looking for the perfect make up style for your costume I recommend checking out Amriaa’s blog.

Monster High Make Up Tutorials

I can’t wait until next year to see what recipes and projects I come up with! I hope you’ve enjoyed all the Halloween themed blog posts this week! Have a safe and happy Halloween! If you have a Halloween themed blog you would like added to my list please leave a link in my comments.


  1. aFrankAngle

    Belatedly, Happy Halloween. It’s the morning after as we had lousy weather yesterday evening … which means we’re stuck with candy. Oh my, what to do, what to do! Thought you may like this one …

    1. IAMM3Z

      That’s really cool! Thanks for sharing, I may have to try that next year!

      1. aFrankAngle


  2. Tails from Paris

    Thanks for your interest in “Tails from Paris”. We’re now following your blog.

    Nice to see you also on the English side of our comic(s) world 😉

    Alix & Roxane


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