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Food Blog| Seamingly Sweet Creations Despicable Me Birthday Cake

My friend at Seamingly Sweet Creations has whipped up something irresistibly sweet! She is frequently hired to make things for her friends and family, myself included. This past weekend she made a birthday cake and cupcakes to help two little boys celebrate their 7th Birthday. Being Despicable Me fans they opted for a Minion themed Birthday. Check out her creations below.

Minion Marshmallow Cupcake Toppers 

Minions Marshmallows Cupcake Toppers

Minion Marshmallow Cupcake Toppers 

Minions Marshmellow

Minion Marshmallow Cupcakes 

Minions Cupcake

Minion Marshmallow Cupcakes 

Minions Cupcakes

Despicable Me Edible Picture Sheet Cake

Despicable Me Birthday Cake

If you want to check out more of Seamingly Sweet Creation’s cakes and other items please follow her on Facebook. If you would like to be featured on my blog feel free to contact me by using my contact form.


  1. Amria

    Oh dear I love minions!

  2. Jean Trinh


  3. agatapokutycka

    Stunning looking!
    I couldn’t eat one of the little fellows …

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