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Follow Up Blog| DIY Marbled Easter Eggs| The directions are aren’t a LIE!

If you haven’t already you should really check out my original blog on this subject: Fail Blog| DIY Marbled Easter Eggs| The directions are a LIE!. After thinking about how the original blogger spread misinformation about how to properly do this DIY Marbled Easter Eggs project I decided that I wanted to educate my followers on three methods you can use to do them.

So now let me tell you three GENUINE ways to create a marbleized Easter eggs:

First Method: Buy the PAAS Marble Egg Kit
Level: Beginner

Second Method: DIY with Arcylic Paints
Level: Beginner
Safety Note: I wouldn’t eat eggs that have had their shell painted.
Supplies Needed: Pre-dyed Hard boiled eggs, Metallic Gold FolkArt Acrylic Paint and ROYAL BRUSH-Crafter’s Choice: Sponge Stippler.

Marbled Eggs DIY

This method is about as easy as it gets. All you have to do is put the Metallic Gold FolkArt Acrylic Paint in a dish. Dip your ROYAL BRUSH-Crafter’s Choice: Sponge Stippler in to the paint. Dab it on to your eggs. Let them dry. The eggs in this photo were painted by a 17 month old and a 8 year old. They aren’t “picture perfect” examples of marbeling but they are lovely and for the age level you can see this method creates a nice marbleized look.

Third Method: Edible Marbled Easter Eggs By
Level: Moderate
Note: For directions please visit her blog. I can’t take credit for this one!
Image Source:
Coolwhip marbleized easter eggs

I have not tried Shannon’s directions but she’s so thorough in her blog I trust she’s given her readers informative information. Next year I will certainly give her method a try and tell you all how it works.

For now please enjoy the rest of our families Easter Eggs:
Easter Eggs

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