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My Baby Emiliablo

Like most parents, I don’t know when my sweet little baby transformed from a baby to a toddler. It appears we have made that transition, without my permission I might add! Today’s Flash Back Friday is a blog post reminiscing on the love I have for baby fat rolls and daily cat naps.

I took this picture of Emiliablo when I was on maternity leave. She would have been around 4-6 weeks old. In this picture she was sleeping on her Boppy, on top of our bed, and in front of the window. I was lucky that the lighting turned out so nice and that she kicked her leg up at just the right moment.

I’ve paid for several professional photo sessions and I don’t think any of them successfully capture the beauty of my newborn baby like this one. Perhaps I’m biased because it’s my own photo but I connect to this image on an emotional level unlike any other from its time frame.

While I miss the angelic glow of my newborn baby I’m proud of the toddler she has become. Her vocabulary skills are exploding faster than the big bang and her personality is entertaining to say the least. Baby fat rolls and cat naps may be gone but the trade off of watching her grow into a young woman is well worth it!

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