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Flash Back Friday| I Could Have Made Millions!

Miablo's Art Circa 2006

Every parent has a child who is a master artist. I’m not unlike all of you, when my daughter was a toddler she presented me with these beauties. I don’t recall all of their names, shame on me. The ones with a ball on their head are snowball, obviously. The second one bottom row resembles Jack but I assure you she had not watched The Nightmare Before Christmas prior to drawing him.

It never occurred to me to market her images for reproduction. And that my friends is why I’m not a mastermind entrepreneur and business mogul like Heidi Klum. Heidi Klum created a designer clothing line for both boys and girls. The one I’m most impressed with is her Monster Pal’s line of children clothing and accessories.

Monster Pals Entire Collection By: Heidi Klum

If you pay close attention you will see that her monsters are not unlike Miablo’s. It doesn’t matter if you, the parent, don’t like her designs. I can tell  you with absolute certainty when your toddler walks around Babies-R-Us and finds her Monster Pals Pillow you will find yourself $10 poorer. Emiliablo wouldn’t leave the store with out her very own Heidi Klum Monster Pals pillow.

Monster Pals Pillow By: Heidi Klum

It really is ingenious to make monsters off of children’s designs. I just hope her child, or whoever designed her Monster Pals line, is getting the royalties off of her sales. My only regret is that I didn’t think of it before she did. I Could Have Made Millions!



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