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Fail Blog| Magic Easter Eggs


Magic Easter Eggs Nailed ItLuckily for me I was able to successfully make Magic Easter Eggs and I was only partially unsuccessful. To find out how to successfully make Magic Easter Eggs you will to come back Thursday for this week’s edition of Tried It Thursday.

This blog is dedicated what when wrong when I made Magic Easter Eggs.

Pro Tips:

  • Use water balloons not regular balloons.

Magic Easter Eggs Fail Photo3

In the 1st image you will see what it looks like with a water balloon wrapped with twine. This one is fully dried and retained its shape. The 2nd picture is birthday balloon and yarn, the shape of the egg isn’t retained. The 3rd image is a birthday balloon wrapped with twine; the shape is more retained than the yarn balloon but still not fully retained. In both birthday balloon images you can see where the balloon has started to deflate, this is what causes the egg to lose its shape while it’s drying.

  • Use twine not yarn.

Magic Easter Eggs Fail Photo2

Almost all of my yarn Magic Easter Eggs ended up looking like the photo on the left. I was actually only to make one of the yarn Magic Easter Eggs successfully. The yarn doesn’t retain its shape as well as the twine, likely because of how long it takes to dry.

Magic Easter Eggs Fail Photo

This is a final picture of two Magic Easter Eggs that were both done with vertical wrapping. As you can see the yarn on the left dries with a crystallized and milky texture. The twine on the right dried completely clear and smooth. (The picture on the right is my only yarn egg that retained shape!)

  • Pre cut 20-24 inch strips of twine. (Cutting twine with sticky hands is difficult)
  • Do not coat the balloon in glue before applying the twine.


Magic Easter Eggs Fail Photo5

The idea is that when the balloon is removed you have nothing but the twine left. The glue that dried around the balloon will stay once the balloon is removed and you will have a thin layer of glue left in between the rows of twine. This can be removed for the most part but not entirely.

  • Don’t tie the twine to the top of the balloon. Tying the twine to the top of the balloon would help in the wrapping process but it won’t be easily removed when you remove the balloon. It’s better to just skip this altogether.
  • Wrapping the twine vertically gives a more oblong egg shaped when it dries.

Magic Easter Eggs Fail Photo4

  • Let dry overnight. If you decide to use yarn it will take 48 hours to dry whereas twine will dry overnight (12 hours max).
  • Rotate them every few hours while drying to help them dry and retain shape.
  • Smaller candy might work better. I could only get one piece of candy into my water balloons. No matter how hard I tried the balloons would pop when I put two pieces in. I used Butterfinger and Hershey’s Chocolate Easter Eggs.

I hope you enjoyed this Fail Blog. If you try to make these Magic Easter Eggs please leave me a comment and let me know if you were successful. I’d love to see some of your all’s pictures of your Magic Easter Eggs so please post a link to your image in my comments. If you have any question how to successfully make Magic Easter please leave a comment and I will be happy to help! If you would like me to try one of your pins, tutorials, or other DIY projects you can contact me by using my contact form.

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  1. Morgan (Post author)

    Nifty Trick! 🙂

    1. IAMM3Z (Post author)

      I agree, the kids love it!

  2. Reese Speaks (Post author)

    Thanks for the tips in making these magic Easter eggs! I think these are such a cool idea!

    1. IAMM3Z (Post author)

      You’re most welcome, it’s a cool idea.

  3. mmmarzipan (Post author)

    Cool! Very clever!

    1. IAMM3Z (Post author)

      Indeed! 🙂


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