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Fail Blog| DIY Marbled Easter Eggs| The directions are a LIE!

So I’m sure by now you have seen the directions on Pinterest and Facebook for “DIY Marbled Easter Eggs”. They are posted with a beautiful picture and the following directions:

1)Spread cheap white shaving cream on a cookie sheet.
2)Apply drops of food coloring, use toothpicks to swirl colors around.
3)Roll the dried cooled hard boiled egg in the colored cream.
4)Allow to set for 3-4 min on a paper plate.
5)Wipe off shaving cream w/paper towel
6)Rinse. VOILA! Beautiful marbleized eggs, done quickly!

I’m calling BS! And here’s why:

Marbled Easter Eggs Failed DIY Project

Now, they have posted pictures of their marbled eggs so I’m sure some how this DIY Easter Project must work. But they are obviously missing an important step or detail. Like perhaps only certain brands of shaving cream and food coloring will work? I don’t know what the missing step or detail is but I can tell with 100% certainty these steps and the food coloring and shaving cream I used won’t work.

If someone else has mastered this skill feel free to tell me how. Perhaps next year I will give it another whirl. Has anyone else has experienced this same failure? Please feel free to comment so we can laugh about it together. No one should be a failure alone!

Update: I found a source who seems to have resolved the issues I experienced. I’m not trying these this year but if you want to give it a go check out Shannon’s Tot School.

Please be sure to check out the update to this blog for three GENUINE ways to create a marbleized Easter eggs. Here’s the link:

Follow Up Blog| DIY Marbled Easter Eggs| The directions are aren’t a LIE!


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