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Crafts 4 Kidz Liquid Chalk Markers Review

The kids and I have been testing Crafts 4 Kidz Liquid Chalk Markers . Crafts 4 Kidz Liquid Chalk Markers comes with 8 boldly colored liquid chalk markers (blue, green, white, purple, yellow, pink, orange & red) and 24 chalkboard style stickers.

Crafts 4 Kidz Liquid Chalk Markers


Crafts 4 Kidz Liquid Chalk Markers work on a non-porous surfaces; making them extremely versatile. You can use these markers on a whiteboard, home or automobile window, mirror, metal, chalkboard and more! We decided to test our liquid chalk markers on several mediums. Here’s a gallery of our projects:

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As we do more projects with Crafts 4 Kids Liquid Chalk Markers I will update this gallery. One of my favorite things about rafts 4 Kids Liquid Chalk Markers is that the liquid chalk is black light reactive. My kids love doing projects for the black light in their room and these colors really pop under a black light.

I tested Crafts 4 Kids Liquid Chalk Markers on a table I had painted with chalkboard paint. Initially the liquid chalk removed, so I assumed liquid chalk markers were safe to use on chalkboard painted items. Unfortunately this isn’t the case. If you leave the liquid chalk on the chalkboard paint over night (or longer) it will stain.

Crafts 4 Kids Liquid Chalk Markers Chalk Table After Cleaning I had reached out to Crafts 4 Kids before using their markers on my chalkboard painted table and they told me to test the underside of the table first to make sure their liquid chalk markers were compatible with my table. They advised that it was possible that their liquid chalk markers weren’t compatible with my chalkboard painted table. I thought I’d properly tested the markers on my table before we doodled all over it but I hadn’t let it set overnight when testing. If you want to test liquid chalkboard markers on anything chalkboard painted make sure you do it in a non-conspicuous area that can be easily repainted if it stains. Let the markers set overnight to make sure it will washes off BEFORE you decide to use these markers.

On compatible non-porous surfaces cleaning is a breeze! Simply wipe away with a damp cloth. No soap required. Even though we will have to repaint our table I still highly recommend these markers. The issue with my table was “user error” and not with the markers at all.

Ratings (Out of five stars):

Color: gold-star25gold-star25gold-star25gold-star25gold-star25

Versatility: gold-star25gold-star25gold-star25gold-star25gold-star25

Stickers Quality: gold-star25gold-star25gold-star25gold-star25gold-star25

Enjoyment: gold-star25gold-star25gold-star25gold-star25gold-star25

Value: gold-star25gold-star25gold-star25gold-star25gold-star25

Overall rating:  25 out of 25 stars / 5 Star Average

I hope you enjoyed this Crafts 4 Kidz Liquid Chalk Markers review. If you have tried out Crafts 4 Kidz Liquid Chalk Markers leave me a comment and let me know what you thought about them. If you would like submit your product for review and be featured in my blog please contact me by using my contact form. I received this product complimentary from Crafts 4 Kidz for testing purposes all opinions expressed are my own.

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