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Flashback Friday| “Nana”| Speaking Out Against Domestic Violence


For this week’s Flashback Friday I wanted to dedicate a blog to my Grandmother, or as my daughters call her, Nana. Growing up my Grandmother was a beacon of light when my life was surrounded by darkness. She could not…
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Chasing The Dragon| Bob’s Burgers Tina Belcher Espresso High

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If you’re not a Bob’s Burgers fan than you probably missed out on the awesomeness that I’m calling the Tina Belcher Espresso High. Gone are the days when coffee or espresso made me feel the pure bless depicted in this episode. Watching this episode…
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ART| BY IAMM3Z | Portrait Of A Friend

March 29, 2002 a dear friend of mine passed away. I remember the day as if it were just yesterday, I doubt that will ever fade. The devastation, desperation, and despair were nearly unbearable. I was much younger and believed in the supernatural. I felt…
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ART| By IAMM3Z | Sailing

I’ve decided to start sharing some of my art and poetry with you all. I’m a bit skeptical about doing this, as they say I’m my own worst critic. I’m going to start off with what is one of my…
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